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Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade has two appliances, a Category 2 Medium 4X4 Tanker and a Category 9 4X4 Light Attack Vehicle. Despite being very different appliances, they work well and complement each other in varied operations (the photos below are of former Brigade appliances of the same category).


Glenhaven 2 (Medium 4X4 Tanker) 


CAB CHASSIS: 4x4 Crew Cab
G.V. M.: 10,000 kg.
DIMENSIONS: Length 7600 mm,Width 2470 mm, Height 3050 mm (nominal)
WHEEL BASE: 4200 mm
SEATING: 6 Persons
ENGINE: 6 cylinder OHC turbo diesel 7790 cc Displacement
TRANSMISSION: Gearbox: manual 6 speed, Part time 4WD. No-Spin Differential in Rear Axle.
MAIN PUMP: Three stage centrifugal pump close coupled to a 2 cylinder 24 kW Silentpack diesel engine.
PUMP DUTY: 1000 litres/min. max. flow 800 litres/min. @ 700 kPa, 650 litres/min. @ 900 kPa, Closed pump pressure: 1450 kPa.
PRIMER: Electric rotary vane primer.
AUX. PUMP: Single stage pump close coupled to single cylinder petrol engine.
TANK: 2000 litre galvanised steel tank.
FOAM: Foam induction proportioner with 40 litre foam concentrate storage.
BODY: Fully galvanised steel tray frame with aluminium treadplate floor. Modular aluminium lockers (3) and heatshield. Optional grasslands spraybar and dual pump controls in work area.Two live hosereels, 25 mm x 50 m hose n/side, 20 mm x 60 m hose o/side. Storage for canvas hose, branches, knapsacks, rakehoes, drip torches, extinguishers and standpipe.
PROTECTION SPRAY: Single point water/foam spray on cab and on each wheel.

Glenhaven 2 Glenhaven 2


Glenhaven 9 (Light 4X4 Attack Vehicle) 

RFS GROSS OPERATIONAL MASS (RFS GOM): 3430kg (98% of Manufactures GVM)
RFS MAXIMUM OPERATIONAL AXLE LOADING: Front Axle 1431kg (98% of Manufacturers Maximum) Rear Axle 2500kg (As per Manufactures Maximum)
WHEEL BASE: 3180mm
DIMENSIONS: Overall Length 5300mm (Nominal), Width 1800mm (Nominal), Height 2180mm (Nominal)
TURN CIRCLE: 14.2 Metres (Kerb to Kerb)
CREW: 3 x Persons (Driver + 2 Passengers)
ENGINE: 6 cylinder OHC diesel (Non Turbo)
TRANSMISSION: Gearbox ~ 5 speed manual
MAIN PUMP: GAAM Mk 70S, Single Stage, Centrifugal Pump, Close Coupled to a Single Cylinder 6.7 kW (9HP) Honda Diesel Engine
NOMINAL PUMP DUTY: Max Closed Pump Pressure ~ 950 kPa
SUCTION SYSTEM: 50mm Internal (from units own water tank) x 38mm External (from dam, river, pool etc), Ball Valve Controlled Suction Inlets
DELIVERY SYSTEM: 1 x 38mm, ball valve controlled outlet (for canvas hose), 2 x 25mm, ball valve controlled outlets (1 x 25mm, for canvas hose & 1 x 19mm, for PVC hose reel hose), 1 x 25mm ball valve controlled outlet (for water tank refilling), 1 x 20mm, ball valve controlled outlet (for safety spray system), 1 x 15mm, ball valve controlled outlet (for Foam On/Off &
Pump By-Pass)
HOSE REEL: 1 x 30 metre, Galvanised Steel Live Hose Reel, c/w with 30M x 19mm ID PVC Hose & Rotary Head Nozzle, c/w Nozzle Clamp
SUCTION HOSE: 3 x 2 metre lengths of 38mm ID, Storz Coupled, Wire Reinforced Rubber Suction Hose
SUCTION HOSE STOWAGE: Under Platform Tray, accessed via rear of tanker
PRIMING: GAAM Series 500 Mechanical Hand Primer
AUX PUMP: Ultra Light Weight, Single Stage Centrifugal Pump, Close Coupled to a 4/Stroke, Unleaded Fuel Type, Single Cylinder Petrol Engine
WATER TANK: Nominal Water Tank Capacity 600 Litres, Water Tank Material ~ Aluminium
FIRE BODY: Modular Design, Steel Tray Frame with Aluminium ChequerPlate Floor
PROTECTION: Crew Protection Safety Spray System

Glenhaven 9 Glenhaven 9




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