Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade

Our Members

The Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade is made up of dedicated, volunteer members, of the Hills community.

Particular roles within the Brigade are:

Captain: Oversees the majority of the Brigades functions and in particular takes responsibility for managing the operational function and capability of the Brigade

Senior Deputy Captain: Assists the Captain in whatever functions are required to perform that role

Deputy Captains: Assist in the general functioning of the Brigade, as well as performing the role of a field officer during incidents and Brigade activities

President: Assists the Captain through coordinating the administrative and governance functions of the Brigade

Secretary: Assists the President in ensuring the Brigade functions in accordance with its constitution, and the Brigades records and correspondence are accurate

Treasurer: Assists the President in ensuring proper control, expenditure and governance of the Brigades finances are exercised.

Training Officer: Makes sure the Brigades training needs are met and ensures the Brigade is operationally prepared to carry out its role.

Mitigation Officer: Assists the Brigade and District Office in planning mitigation activities in the area.

Community Engagement Officer: Takes responsibility for engaging with the local community, to provide them with the access to information they need to prepare themselves for a bushfire.

Equipment Officer: Ensures the Brigade has the adequate facilities, in working order, to carry out its role.

These are just some of the roles assigned to members of the Brigade, and they are all volunteer roles in addition to that of being a volunteer firefighter.

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